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Reclaim Power: Transform Stress into Joy

Are you an active working successful person stressed, overwhelmed by mental clutter and in urgent need to live a serene life with balance and clarity? These are the best times to take care of yourself!

If you are:

- struggling to find ten solutions for one problem to please others when you are exhausted, 

- judging yourselves and others

and above all too busy to notice the life that is happening around you, for you, the magic, the brilliance of each experiences , your soul will suffer, and the body will react.

Join me in discovering how to come out of patterns and avoid the suffering!

 Discover a refreshing perspective born from your own experiences

 Explore authentic ways to reconnect with yourself

Find out how to restore balance and wellness 

Uncover the path to rediscovering your true likes and identity 

Find out how to enjoy  a healthy body as it is the most beautiful vehicle for life experiences.



  • Clearing old traumas

  • Emotional healing

  • Uplift and joy

  • Clearing of unhealthy believes

  • Healing form phobic reaction

  • Deeper connection to body and soul at a spiritual level

  • Stress free days


Spread you wings and fly!

Personalised 3 month program that includes deconstruct old unhealthy patterns and behaviours that keep you in stress, depression, anxiety or just feeling unfulfilled.

You will get from where you are to a deeper connection to body and soul at a spiritual level.



  • Drama therapy 

  • Letting go of the story and experience life

  • Clearing of unhealthy believes

  • Meditation - deeper connection to body and soul at a spiritual level

  • Understanding of patterns and how they play us – direct experience practice

  • Unique solution for your specific key stress points within the work environment 

  • Practical tools for dealing with workplace stresses

  • Tools & techniques for self-assessment, team building & work-place integration , including improved working relationships with colleagues, clients and managers

  • Team building skills that can be applied in any environment 



What My Clients Are Saying


Trust the Universe to look after your soul, repair the broken pieces and make you whole.

Be prepared to admit you need a helping hand, please don’t just bury your head in the sand.

The need for growth is right for all ages, because your book of life has many pages.

And if you don’t develop you slowly die, and to say you can’t change is a wicked lie.

Therapy will bring confidence to the inner self, please don’t leave your talents on the shelf.

Let down your defences, open up to who you really are, help will come from unexpected places, near and afar.

Please trust the universe has a love for you, as you let go of the old and embrace the new.

Find new colours to replace the black, just dump the crap that’s holding you back.

Don’t let stubborn pride rob you of the best, of what the Universe can give you, to see you blessed.

To add a new dimension to your name, please feel no guilt, confusion or shame,

By taking the help that is available, to make your heart and soul, happy and full.

John P.

Maria is a beautiful being who guides with grace and an open heart led by Truth. Maria has had the courage to go to the deepest depths in her own inner journey, so what she teaches, she has truly learnt from the inside out. Personally for me Maria has been an incredible light guiding and helping not only with her professional skills, but also with her healing presence giving me the strenght and courage to open to difficult situations and huge processes leading to freedom. I highly recommend Maria for personal development processes, Journey processes and coaching sessions. Also her body work and massage therapy is amazing ❤️

Elina J.

I met Maria for a Journey Process with the hope that would help me relax and let go of some of my attachments that where creating panic attacks and anxiety. I realised only after couple of days that the hand tremble that used to bother me while working was not there anymore. It felt like my body finally relaxed and let go of the stress and anxiety.


Thank you!

Vida Plena/ Fulfilled Life
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