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My name is Maria Alina Gutoi and I am an author, a mother of two, and  a life coach looking to help as many people as I can to discover their Power in Being Present, the Truth in One's Experiences, and the Beauty of a Fulfilled Life!
I worked for many years in the ‘real world’ of corporate, where I experienced the overwhelm and exhaustion when companies are driving growth overlooking the wellbeing of their employees.

After more than 9 years of experience in management, understanding corporate environment and going through my own burnout, I decided in 2013 to dedicate my time and energy to learn, experience and offer the best form of lifestyle therapies I could find.
Going through my second University I studied the physical body, becoming a trained physiotherapist and in 9 years of self-development, learning and practice I have become the life coach I was looking for.
I’ve been an integral part of The Journey Organisation for over 10 years, where I’m not only an Accredited Practitioner, but I also serve as an English/ Romanian translator and international trainer, which has taken me round the world to many beautiful and enriching places.
The Journey method help me to find ways of helping others online or live and also to offer these tools to everyone.​
In 2021 I launch my first book in Romania and in march 2024 it will be launched in Spain, in its Spanish version.
What makes my work unique is that I combine my professional and personal life experience with my extensive training in alternative and complementary therapies, body work and emotional work to create lasting results for my clients.
I believe that it is this combination of skills and my rich life experience that allow me to facilitate often dramatic results with my clients and patients.
If you are experiencing or know of someone who experiences life challenges that are overwhelming or you feel that life is a struggle, then just get in touch or book a complimentary call with me to discuss if and how I can help.

Life is worth living at its best!

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