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Group therapies


The art of community healing

Through ages collective consciousness have been used for healing. Through the modern time we are so separated in our activities and homes that this is no longer available.

Group therapies welcomes different souls to heal through drama therapy, own experience sharing and unity in thought and spirit.

They are meant to gather people on a specific theme and from that to embrace each other in acceptance. Also, it is a story free area, where we express what is here without the story attached. When we hold on to the story we hold on to the pain of our ego blame, shame or victim games. 

The invitation is to express the pain, so it can be healed by the group life experience and consciousness.

Offering –3 hours to half a day session:

  • Drama therapy 

  • Letting go of the story and experience life

  • Clearing of unhealthy believes

  • Meditation - deeper connection to body and soul at a spiritual level

  • Understanding of patterns and how they play us – direct experience practice

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