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Emotional healing

Terapia personalizada

Spread your wings and fly!

Stress, depression, anxiety are forms of manifestation for lack of trust and love.

Through emotional or physical work these triggers are healed.

Our backpack full of unhealthy beliefs and traumas (ours or collected from others) is the only burden that keeps us from bliss.

When we open our heart, mind and soul to welcome our life purpose, this backpack is just ready to be let go.

We exist as a cell since our mother is just a 3-month embryo in her own mum’s uterus. All the beliefs, fears, traumatic experiences (such as only getting frightened when seeing an accident) will be passed on to us. All their rejection, fears, quilt, shame, rage, damnation will be passed on to us and will create triggers that will drive our life.

To this we add all the moments when we experienced illness, pain, abuse or rejection and this cocktail will hold us back in life from feeling love, happiness, joy, freedom, gratitude.

The Journey Method is a life changing technique created to facilitate easy access to cell memories that are causing physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

Body work will help your body to remember its innate wisdom of healing.

CranioSacral Therapy is a manual therapy that works with the body’s self-correcting mechanism which affects multiple structural and physiological systems, to attain greater health and wellbeing, by activating, balancing and healing at fascia level, physical and emotional traumas.

The body is guided into a healing state through gentle touch along the spine and cranium.

Communication is the door to our life. Whether we believe it or not 99% of the time we are awake, we are communicating through different channels.

Being aware of the way you are sending or receiving messages is one of the ways that could help you in living a stress free and joyful life.

Whether you are just looking to get a healthier body, better job, relation or you are looking for a deeper meaning in life, the life coaching sessions will welcome and accompany you through this journey.

Each session combines what best suit your body needs and soul intentions.


- Pain relief

- Somato-Emotional release

- Clearing old traumas

- Uplift and joy

- Clearing unhealthy believes

- Healing form phobic reaction

- Deeper connection to body and soul at a spiritual level

- Stress free days

- Understanding communication patterns

- Clearing habits

- Self-awareness in communication

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