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Contigo en Cada Paso del Camino


The Journey Method is a life changing technique created to facilitate easy access to cell memories that are causing physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

Sometimes we forget, or we are not aware of the influence we allow to take place in our life through others or simply by our own comfort zone that will keep us trapped in not experiencing life.

We exist as a cell since our mother is just a 3-month embryo in her mum’s uterus. All the beliefs, fears, traumatic experiences (any it can only be getting frightened seeing an accident) will be pasted to us. All their rejection, fears, quilt, shame, rage, damnation will be passed to us and will create triggers that will drive our lifes.

To this we add all the moments when we experienced illness, pain, abuse or rejection and this cocktail will hold us back in life from feeling love, happiness, joy, freedom, gratitude.

Stress, depression, anxiety are forms of manifestation for lack of trust and love.

Through emotional or physical journey all these triggers are healed at the deepest level of the soul.   

Benefits of a journey process – up to 3 hours session:

  • Clearing old traumas

  • Emotional healing

  • Uplift and joy

  • Clearing of unhealthy believes

  • Healing form phobic reaction

  • Deeper connection to body and soul at a spiritual level

  • Stress free days


Through ages the collective consciousness was used to heal. Through the modern time we are so separated in our activities and homes that this is no longer available.

Group therapies welcomes different souls to heal through drama therapy, own experience sharing and unity in thought and spirit.

They are meant to gather people on a specific theme and from that to embrace each other in acceptance. Also, it is a story free area, where we express what is here without the story attached. When we hold on to the story we hold on to the pain of our ego blame, shame or victim games. 

The invitation is to express the pain, so it can be healed by the group life experience and consciousness.

Offering –3 hours to half a day session:

  • Drama therapy 

  • Letting go of the story and experience life

  • Clearing of unhealthy believes

  • Meditation - deeper connection to body and soul at a spiritual level

  • Understanding of patterns and how they play us – direct experience practice


Spread you wings and fly!

Through our birth we are entitled to live in bliss, love and joy. Our backpack full of unhealthy believes, traumas ours or collected from others is the only burden that keeps us from bliss.

When we open our heart, mind and soul to welcome our life purpose this backpack is just ready to be let go.

Whether you are just looking to get a better job, relation or you look for a deeper meaning in life, the life coaching sessions will welcome and accompany you through its journey. 


  • First session -1/2 day – personal context and intention setting

  • Follow up sessions – tailored program for 3 months


A uniquely tailored program for corporate firms to support employee wellbeing within the work environment. 

Enabling employees to manage stress, be efficient, creative, productive within workplace. 

Enabling employees to find balance in relation to peers and work environment. 

The program is tailored for groups of up to 20 people, employees from the same or different departments, same or level of management. 

Benefits/ Outcomes/ Offering: 

  • Unique solution for your specific key stress points within the work environment 

  • Practical tools for dealing with workplace stresses

  • Tools & techniques for self-assessment, team building & work-place integration , including improved working relationships with colleagues, clients and managers

  • Team building skills that can be applied in any environment 

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