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7 Years

This is how long passed since my first Journey Intensive seminar – October 2013.

As I was exploring the depth of my being, healing memories and opening to forgiveness in ways that I didn’t even know it is possible, the strongest feeling of “I need this in my everyday life” was born.

I remember raising my hand in the last Satsang asking “how and what can someone do to keep this feeling of freedom, trust, peace and love on daily basis?”

Strangely enough I don’t remember the answer, but I remember the feeling that this is possible, and it is up to me (to be read as my soul and mind together).

I knew that firs I need to be honest and stop any activity that is not related to how I feel. Working just to be paid (no matter the amount) was over for me. I finished the 3 projects in which I was working within a month and bought the first flight ticket towards my next seminar.

I knew then that we didn’t have any savings and going though practitioner program (all the seminars meant travel expenses, accommodation and food and nevertheless the admission ticket which started from 595Eu for the 3-day event) would be almost impossible for me and my family to cover.

But after the Abundance seminar I wasn’t willing to let it go.

So, I prayed!

At the end of each seminar I would say “have no idea how, but I will get myself to the next one”.

And it happened, it still amasses me how, but in the last 7 years, not only that I’ve become an accredited journey practitioner, but also Life coach.

I have been traveling at least 3 month a year, being a delegate, a trainer, translator or a speaker through 29 Journey seminars.

I haven’t missed one in my country and definitely not more than couple of the international ones, abroad.

With the support of my family, working with the Simple Conscious Company and running my own practice helped me to pull everything together.

These years also brought the body work in my life and I went through my second university studding physiotherapy so I can support my clients even more.

All these just because Love, Truth, Freedom, Trust and Peace should be our daily states of being.

I believe and live it every moment and when life challenges trigger any other state, I know I have a choice: to dig even deeper in my being, heal the wounds and rise again.

With all gratitude for all that made this possible and specially to my soul that cares this deep love for Truth and Love, I bow to all that are looking for healing and asking for help.

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