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Asking kids “what am I good at?”

Vic – 13 years old

Mom, you put up with everyone. No matter how difficult it is you don’t complain about people around you. You can work with many people and you actually like to listen to them. You get things really quick; you are so good at this: you find out that someone has a problem you get the best information on how to solve that problem, if you don’t already know the answer.

Sometimes it feels like you know everything or at least, as soon as you read something, you get it so fast. You fix staff for everyone.

Io – 8 years old

Hmm…you are good at cooking and you are really good at that “the journey” thing that you do.

And our house is clean as you are good at this too. Good with children and in the kitchen.

I spent my last week in bed and it feels like forever. All the journeys and pills and vitamins look like just supporting my body as this virus is just messing up with everything.

I feel that is a time for me to rest and reset and start new whenever this is over – which it feels like every morning, but after just one hour I am back in bed.

I love what I do and this last year came with so many changes that each month felt like a new start for everything.

Except clients accepting to work online or on the phone, all my projects about seminars and a body and soul clinic were put on hold.

It felt that this 2021 will start with more projects and it started being sick in bed and quarantined for 2 weeks separated from my family.

So, as I am reassessing my life, I am asking again what am I good at? A friend asked this a year ago when we started a project that lasted only 3 phone calls.

I was frustrated that I had to explain all the things that felt obvious for me.

Well…today I had to ask my kids because it felt different…

It actually felt that I can do everything I trained for and I have experience in, and people see it differently.

So, I asked my kids because they are coming from an objective professional background (they are just discovering it now).

What a great reminder…I am good at all of the above and love to do them all.

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