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“If you only loved yourself as I love you”

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

The reason I chose The Journey!

Each spring brings along that air of freshness and openness to life, fulfillment, joy,

gives us goosebumps when it cools down on the white flowers of the chestnut trees.

This liveliness and awakening state is felt with every fiber of our being, and then is when we actually experience Love.

We connect this beautiful nourishing feeling to the dear ones around us, to the time we spend together, to an image, a caress, an attitude, and we assimilate all these within ourselves as being one with belonging and completion.

And even with all these miracles, experiences and sharing, there are still times when we find ourselves separated, running, preoccupied about others’ opinions, or in fear of losing, hurting.

We live in that harshness set by the daily life schedule, by our needs (most of the times caring to others’ needs in search of appreciation and harmony), by career, by social and family habits – forgetting our passions, dreams, visions and own desires.

I have also been here, I have experienced that struggle, the holding inside- repressing, I have dealt with control and with the desire to be the way other people want me to. I have met expectations and created appearances that matched each situation, activity and sometimes people, meanwhile waiting to observe myself, to grow, to evolve professionally and to be fulfilled in all the ways that society requires.

Preoccupied with everybody else, either caring for them or doing all mentioned above, I forgot about my own Self. I forgot to ask myself what is it I really wish for deep inside and I have never asked what my passion is. I only had questions regarding what I could do, what I would do, what I’d love to do, but about my passions nobody inquired, not even me.

Following a life period I once described as “being in the arms of the angels”, after I had been given the mother role for a second amazing soul, I was one day prescribed a different medical recipe from the ones I was used to. I am so grateful to that beautiful being in a white robe who chose to recommend as treatment the book ”The Journey” by Brandon Bays.

Three years have passed since then, a time that changed my life without dramas or fulminating choices; I was merely embraced by this obvious change in almost all aspects of my life.

It just became clearer and clearer that my inside knows exactly what I need, what are the healing practices I can access and which is the state or feeling my being is here to experiment.

After each seminar attended within the Journey Practitioner Program, I chose to go deeper in all the realms of my being, while small parts of me were recreating themselves, were becoming whole and were accepting themselves in the rawest of shapes. Shapes that I have come to love, and loving myself dissolved that feeling of need of completion, belonging and attachment of others’ opinion, remaining there only this pure Love.

Now I will ask you to stop for one moment and ask yourself: could you love only the faults or weaknesses of one person? Or when you love, do you know how to see the good parts? Could you refuse the love of a dear one only because they have a cold, they’re sad or unemployed? Or is it that the ones in your life love you only when you are joyful, energetic and full of life?

What would it be like to love yourself just as you are willing and able to love the others?

What would it be like to love yourself like God loves: no judgements, mistakes, pretenses?

I have managed in a slow but sure manner to answer these questions, and it all started with the introductory seminar for “The Journey”, in October 2013.


In the 3 days of this seminar you are given the opportunity to understand and why not, to heal, those parts of your soul that are searching outside of yourself for the power of life, for love; parts that may have already gotten tired by now, or might be wanting more from this existence. You will be able to meet those aspects of yourself that were learned and integrated with time, that make you attach your life to others’ expectations and needs, keeping you limited to only what is considered you deserve, constantly hurting your soul, even your physical body.

I have felt all these in personal experiences. Now I feel, I see the other side too. I can love and access the spring every day, and because life contains all seasons, on the snowy days I know I am full of snowdrops that break through the snow, and I choose to nurture them in spite of the freezing cold.

I choose love, I choose The Journey!

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