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I lost my sense of smell and part of the taste in the 3rd day of Covid-19. I was using some oils to help my body and that afternoon I couldn’t feel their smell.

I start smelling (just the action of wanting to smell) different things like disinfectant, vine, parfum and everything smelled like pure air.

Then drinking any liquid (vine, juice, tea…) tasted like water.

I knew this is a commune symptom and as I was only with mild symptoms and had no test confirmation yet, this confirmed for me the virus.

At that moment I couldn’t care less about the virus, honestly, I was living in awe.

Is this what our brain is trained to offer us?

All the smells and tasted that make the difference between things is almost a brain illusion.

Is the way our brain (and our brain only) experience life?

Yes, we came to name the tastes or smells, and we have a commune name for each of them (sweet, bitter, fresh, so on), but the exact aroma is unique for each brain interpretation.

Have you ever tried parfums at different hours in the day? Or at different temperature or emotional state?

I used to have a hard time in choosing a parfum as in couple of hours on my skin I wouldn’t like their flavour.

So, all liquids taste like water and we just "interpret" their aroma with our brain... Isn't it just amazing?

I spent 8 days without smell and most of my taste was gone. I could feel the sweetness in something, but I couldn’t feel the chocolate or lemon aroma.

Somehow my brain went quiet. I couldn’t sense when they made omelette, what a bless, no more “you have to open the windows” …. making fun of myself.

How many times the fried onion or potatoes or even omelette changed my mood because I was raised with the believe that a house should never smell like food. Even in restaurants/ fast foods where you came out smelling like you were the one cooking made me uncomfortable.

And now, I could not make a fuss out of it as I had no smell…such a quiet mind and a bless of seeing the illusion.

I had 8 days of this “silenced senses” and all was asking for me to remain present, in my body, no excuse to do or act from this well-trained suffering of “bad smells”.

When I felt the first smell after these 8 days, I was dancing of joy and in 10 minutes my brain was dizzy, and I felt almost nausea. I had to sleep for couple of hours so my brain could readjust to the new information.

It feels really good to be able to smell the coffee or the roses, we are so blessed.

I got fond of both not sensing and sensing and it made me for even more in love with this amazing universe and body of hours.

This universe gives us flavours so we can get more sense of life.... Do we?

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